Asphalt Paving Company - J.A. Cooper's History

Alongside his father and sons, J.A. Cooper is part of the fourth generation of a family that has been delivering the proper training and expertise to best fit the asphalt needs of residents of Canton, Massachusetts, and other neighboring communities for more than 50 years. At Asphalt Paving by J.A. Cooper, we are proud to continue that half-century of tradition today, offering clients the best paving services available at the most competitive prices.

Throughout our history, we have been able to master our work and, unlike other asphalt pavement companies, we do not go after your wallet. This helps us ensure our customers are getting the best job while saving their well-earned money for better things. This is the belief that shaped our family business more than five decades years ago, and it would tarnish our proud history if we were to only care about the money. Our focus is on you – the customer – and ensuring that you receive the services that you need, not what’s best for our pockets.

Our extensive construction work includes driveway pavement, asphalt restoration and maintenance. To avoid any confusion, Asphalt Paving by J.A. Cooper is not affiliated with any other Cooper or paving company in business – it is just us. Below, we have included some pictures of J.A. Cooper’s grandfather and the current generation of Coopers hard at work, serving our clients to the best of their ability. The pictures serve as reminders as to why we do what we do. Our goal is to have more pictures just like these, of new generations, 50 years from now.

For more information on our past, present and future and how we can help you with your asphalt paving needs, contact Asphalt Paving by J.A. Cooper today at 508-587-7581.

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